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DJ Primetime Presents:

Check out The Formula Radio Show With Sesion31 AKA The Science Patrol
Every Sunday 1-3PM EST on

DJ Primetime serves up his latest offering hosted by the established Producer / MC / DJ J-Zone. Set to release his album "Bo$$ Hog Barbarians" with his rhyme partner Celph Titled, Zone gives us a sneak peak of the forthcoming heat on deck! Zone also drops his usual hilariousness on the NBA, women and the rap game. Exclusive freestyles by Karniege (Def Jux) and Verbal Tec, both produced by Sesion31. Brand new tracks from Access Immortal, Grap Luva (prod by Pete Rock), Verbal Threat (prod by DJ Premier), Cormega (prod by DJ Premier), El Da Sensei and Dilated Peoples.

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The Formula Volume 4 - Hosted by J-Zone

    Track List

    1) J-Zone - Intro
    2) El Da Sensei - Crowd Pleasa
    3) Kev Brown f/ Cy Young - Keep On
    4) Supernatural - Not That Way
    5) Special Teamz - Main Event (Prod By DJ Premier)
    6) Little Vic - The Exorcist (DJ Primetime Remix)
    7) Masta Ace f/ Strick - The Hitman Remix
    8) Karniege - Freestyle
    9) Thee Phantom f/ Reef The Lost Cauze - Hell Yeah
    10) Grap Luva - Revenge (Prod by Pete Rock)

    11) K-Hill - Legends
    12) Verbal Threat - Reality Check (Prod by DJ Premier)
    13) Access Immortal f/ L.I.F.E. Long - Watch Ya Step
    14) J-Zone + Celph Titled - Steady Smobbin 15) Verbal Tec - Freestyle
    16) Cormega - Days of Reality (prod by DJ Premier)
    17) J-Zone + Celph Titled - Celph Destruction
    18) Dilated Peoples - You Can't Hide, You Can't Run
    19) J-Zone + Celph Titled - Boss Hoggin
    20) J-Zone - Outro

DJ Primetime  introduces his West Coast partner Trek Life, whom you might remember from the Showtime "The Next" MC battle, as Trek was the finalist for the LA competition. Trek and Primetime take you through 25 BANGERS, which include his new single produced by Evidence and DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies. As usual there are freestyles over Sesion31 heat, by E-Dot, Donnan Linkz and Trek Life. SOLD OUT!

The Formula Volume 3 - Hosted By Trek Life

    Track List

    1) Introducing .... Trek Life
    2) DJ Primetime - Intro
    3) One.Be.Lo - Decepticons (Pete Rock Remix)
    4) Dynas f/ Masta Ace, Krim - Game Huntin
    5) R.A. The Rugged Man - Lessons
    6) O.C. - Who Run It
    7) Pitch Black f/ Styles P - Nice
    8) Oh No - Disrupt Massive
    9) Chief Kamachi f/ JuJu Mob - No Chorus
    10) Ed O.g f/ Pete Rock - School 'Em
    11) E-Dot, Donnan Linkz - Freestyle
    12) Trek Life - All Times
    13) Sir Menelik - Let's Build For A Sec
    14) Arcee - Theme
    15) Trek Life - Freestyle
    16) Daily Plannet f/ El Da Sensei - Triple Beam
    17) Masta Killa - Queen
    18) Zion I - Now A Daze
    19) Sway and Tech f/ Royce Da 5'9", Common, Chino XL - Enough Beef
    20) E-Dot - The Way I Live
    21) Evidence (Dilated Peoples) - Formula Check In
    22) Trek Life - Mind Right
    23) Jedi Mind Tricks - Age Of Sacred Terror
    24) Kev Brown f/ Kaimbir - Changes
    25) Boulevard Connection f/ Ed O.g, Masta Ace, Common - CPH Claimin Respect #2
    26) Tzarizm f/ J.Ro, Phi Da Agony, Celph Titled - Exclusive
    27) Access Immortal - Monday Night Raw (Produced by J-Zone)
    28) Trek Life - Outro

DJ Primetime  returns alongside Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks to bring you the second installment of The Formula mixtape series. Full of exclusive Sesion31 produced freestyles by some of the biggest names within indie hip-hop. This CD is full of early releases, and future classics that will keep it fresh for all seasons.

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International Orders
The Formula Volume 2 - Hosted By Vinnie Paz

    Track List

    1) Vinnie Paz - Welcome Intro
    2) DJ Primetime - Intro (Sesion31)
    3) Masta Ace - Good Ol' Love (9th Wonder)
    4) KRS-ONE - My Mind Is Racing (The Moth)
    5) 7L And Esoteric f/ Army of The Pharoahs - This Is War (7L)
    6) Spectac - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    7) Spectac - When I Rock (9th Wonder)
    8) El Da Sensei - What's Been Up (Exclusive)
    9) Koolade f/ El Da Sensei - Follow (Koolade)
    10) CMNR (Word Association) - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    11) Word Association - Interruption (Abduology)
    12) Truth Enola - Ain't Changed (Kutmasta Kurt)
    13) Vinnie Paz - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    14) Outerspace f/ Vinnie Paz - Fire and Ice (7L)
    15) Sean Price - Boom Bye Yeah (Tone Mason)
    16) Kenn Starr - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    17) Sabac f/ Vinnie Paz, Q-Unique - Urban Gorillaz (Necro)
    18) Cali Agents - Sharp (Vinroc)
    19) Dutchmassive f/ Majik Most, Celph Titled - Revaporate (Celph Titled)
    20) M.O.P. - What The Fuck (Lil Fame)
    21) Pack FM f/ JUICE - Set It Up (Tonedeff)
    22) J-Zone - Words From The Zone (J-Zone)
    23) J-Zone - A Friendly Game Of Basketball (J-Zone)
    24) Vinnie Paz - Outro

DJ Primetime collaborates with Hieroglyphics affiliate Encore to bring you the first in a series of mix CD's that represent the Sesion31 radio show "The Formula". Again this CD is full of exclusive Sesion31 produced freestyles and is skillfully mixed by yours truly. It has all of the ingredients to become a classic for your collection. SOLD OUT! Check for copies.

The Formula Volume 1 - Hosted By Encore

    Track List

    1) Encore - Turn Up Ya Headphones
    2) DJ Primetime - Intro (Sesion31)
    3) E-Dot - R U Up To It? (Donnan Linkz)
    4) DJ Roddy Rod f/ Cy Young, Kev Brown - Take Notice (Roddy Rod)
    5) Critically Acclaimed - Another Private Conversation (Kev Brown)
    6) Encore - Zigga Zigga (Jake One)
    7) Chief Kamachi f/ Guru - The Best (DJ Kwestion)
    8) Freddie Foxx f/ Nas - Turn Up The Mics (Rich 5)
    9) Access Immortal - Born In The Ghetto (Sesion31)
    10) Q-Unique - Street Shit (Necro)
    11) Jay-Z f/ Buckshot - Lucifer Remix (Beatminerz)
    12) Oktober - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    13) Oktober - NYC (Frequency)
    14) Dilated Peoples - Love And War (Evidence)
    15) Encore - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    16) GM Grimm - Taken (J-Zone)
    17) Mass Hysteria f/ Juice - Fall Out (SC)
    18) Planet Asia - Right Or Wrong (Evidence)
    19) Blaq Poet - A Message From Poet (DJ Premier)
    20) Kenn Starr - Walk The Walk (Kev Brown)
    21) Doujah Raze - Ghosts Of Mars (Double-J)
    22) Donte f/ DJ Hi-Tek - Heat (Hi-Tek)
    23) J.Sands - Cash Rules (Daze)
    24) Encore f/ Pep Love - City Livin (Architect)
    25) Sesion31 - Tell The World (Sesion31)
    26) Encore - Outro

DJ Primetime went over to the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" to hook up with Artifacts member El Da Sensei. Straight from the bricks, El drops some exclusive freestyles over Sesion31 production as he guides you through this summer adventure. SOLD OUT! Check for copies.

Prime Cuts - Summer Slices Hosted By El Da Sensei

    Track List

    1) El Da Sensei - Welcome
    2) DJ Primetime - Intro
    3) Sesion 31 - 31 Olimpus (Sesion31)
    4) K-Swift (Da Kannon) - What I Look Like (Sesion31)
    5) Bavu Blakes - bah-VOO
    6) Strict Flow f/ Invincible - As Good As It Gets
    7) El Da Sensei - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    8) Styles of Beyond - Mr. Brown
    9) Craig G - Ready Set Begin
    10) Pitch Black - It's All Real
    11) Twizz f/ El Da Sensei - So Good
    12) 2 for 5 - Broke Minds Think Alike
    13) Saukrates - Comin Up
    14) Hezekiah f/ Bahamadia - Gypsy Slang
    15) K-Swift (Da Kannon) - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    16) El Da Sensei - Full Blown
    17) Wordsworth - Not Me (prod by J-Zone)
    18) Fredy Blast - Freestyle (Sesion31)
    19) Last Emperor - Hold On
    20) El Da Sensei - Still Forever Freestyle
    21) Code Red f/ C-Rayz Walz - Addiction
    22) Carl Kavorkian - Freestyle
    23) Jeru The Damaja - War
    24) El Da Sensei - Outro
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